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OMGnight! -- The Forever Night Livejournal

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OMGnight! -- The Forever Night Livejournal

OMGnight Girl Mascot


June 16th, 2007

New Layout!

As you can see, FN just underwent tons of reconstuction. New colors, banner, etc.

And you may be scratching your head a bit.

The LotR and PotO boards have been placed in the new 'Old RPG' board. Don't worry, you can still read them.

Also, ALL OOC threads have been moved to their respective fandom in 'Conversation and OOC' boards. It just makes the forum and threads cleaner. *smiles*

There is a new Doctor Who board. Do whatever you want Doctor Who-wise.

The Map/Doctor Who crossover now called 'The Lost Universe' is in the cross over. DO NOT post in it yet. I will tell you when you can.

EDIT: Yes, Brighty knows it looks fugly as all hell right now. She'll fix it later, so be patient. I know the blueness may cause insanity.

September 24th, 2006

Contest! No. 1: Oh-Em-Gee {HP}

Using any format, style, or length, write about a pairing from Harry Potter that is gross, weird, strange, stupid, or just totally, totally insane. This can include RP characters too, like if you wanted to do Kat/Snape or Rivalee/Slughorn or whatever.

The fic doesn't have to be serious; it can be an obvious humor or crack fic.

To submit:

Please post your entry as a new topic in the Fanfiction thread. However, write "Contest! No. 1 Entry" in the TOPIC DESCRIPTION line, please please please.

Have fun! Deadline is: October 7.

September 11th, 2006


kind of sort of badass car
To make things easy, please tag your posts!

-mod only-
contests or prizes

to mods
*insert rp name here*
new rp?
downtime rp

Please please please do this! So if I'm trying to talk about interactions in The Map, I would tag my post "The Map". If I have questions for mods, that would be "to mods". "New rp?" tagged posts are for voting on new RPs.  etc. etc. etc. Questions? Comment here.

Downtime RP - only when there's significant downtime. Just have someone start a post, and play as usual in the comments.

I will add more as they come along.
Hey, it's good ol' Monday and we're having some downtime. Official message on this doesn't state an ETA to endage. Hopefully soon. Cause... EDIT: Oh boy! Downtime is over!

FANFICTION BOARD! Yes, you fanfic author freaks of doom will be able to post your RPG fic here now. ^____^ have fun.

Images are fixed - I just had to log into my ImageCave account. :) Maybe I'll switch it to Photobucket.

Oh yes, and make sure you check out our new mascots! Prizes for those who give them names. (just comment) I'll post their full bodies tomorrow. (they're in the userpics of this comm) I intend to dollmaker-ify some of your charries and put them on a rotating basis, but for now we'll stick with our lovely mascots.

Yo, first post!

kind of sort of badass car
Hey FN-ers~~

This is the new and lovely FOREVER NIGHT LIVEJOURNAL COMMUNITY cause some suckers took up all the normal names!!!

Announcements, new RPs, downtimes, etc. will be announced here, so before you panic, check here! Tags will mark major stuffage.



(and just so you know - not f-locked)
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